The seafood diet

Hello there! I am at the end of week two of blogging. I’ll just catch you guys up on my last weekend even though there’s another one coming up!  I had such a great weekend and ate so much food. Friday night I did laundry and played video games like I always do. On Saturday, my boyfriend and I watched the UFC fight and started watching episode 1 of this season’s American Horror Story. We were stoked because earlier that morning, we found a hole-in-the-wall Mexican barbecue place near home. I should of snapped photos however, it was delicious so we will go back soon. To eat for dinner, he made a delicious cajun seafood mix all from scratch! Here are a few photos of it:

On Sunday, we woke up early and went to eat at bakery 85C which is popular here in LA and Orange County. We hung out for a bit and went to an all-you-can-eat sushi spot. I ate until I couldn’t breathe. 

I guess I’m on the seafood diet…I SEA food I eat it. Sorry that was corny. 

After that, I bought a few things for my first Jiu-Jitsu tournament next week. I’m prepared! The evening was spent lounging around and playing video games. Such a relaxing weekend.

And here we are…

Back to another weekend! I’m planning to watch scary movies and more American Horror story. We also might grill a big cowboy steak and lobster! I’m really excited for that.



3 Paranormal photos I’ve captured

One thing about me is that I love learning about the paranormal. I enjoy good horror films and listening to paranormal stories. Now that I think back, I can recall a few things that might of sparked this interest when I was young.

The first ghost I think I saw?

Long story short, I grew up in a trailer that was settled in between small hills in Nevada – before moving to California. There was a huge window in the living room that looked out to one of those hills. My mom, sister, and I were watching TV in the living room during the day when all of a sudden we see a bright white figure swift past the large window. I was confused and my mom was freaked out because we didn’t live next door to anyone or anything. Our closest neighbor was about two blocks away. My mom quickly looked outside to see if there was anyone there and there was nobody there. We never figured out what it was. After that, I don’t remember seeing strange figures at that home. Other strange things have happened after that though but I’ll leave those stories for another day.

Visiting the graveyard

Fast-forward to 2010 when I went to visit my extended family in Jalisco, Mexico. About a week before my grandma unexpectedly passed away, I went to visit the local graveyard in that town. It happens to be about a few blocks down the same road as my family’s house in Mexico. Not scary at all right? Anyways, I went there in the evening with local friends as the sun was setting. I took my new DSLR camera at that time and I was excited to use it, not sure what to expect. We started walking around the entrance and thankfully everyone was very respectful to the graves. There are very old graves there dating back to the early 1800s located near the entrance. I wasn’t scared at all, I made sure I was calm and just started snapping pictures. I don’t remember feeling out of the ordinary. We hung out there for about an hour and headed out when it got really dark. Since I didn’t physically see anything with my own eyes, I thought that maybe I didn’t capture anything paranormal in my camera. Later that night after reviewing the photos I took, I found a few strange figures that resembled small children and an orb.

The photos

Here are the photos that I found strange things in. I apologize ahead of time for the crappy quality–I pulled them off my facebook albums circa 2010.

The first photo here is an orb. You might want to turn up the brightness to see it well. I circled it in red and zoomed in on it.


Second photo is of a little girl in 1800s-style clothing. She has two braids, long skirt, loose shirt, and is faceless.


Third photo is the strangest to me because it looks like a small baby floating up from the grave and wearing a hooded cape. Also faceless.


I haven’t returned to that part of Mexico since 2010. I’m hoping to go back sometime soon and photograph the same spots.

Let me know what you guys think? Do you see what I see?

Picking myself up when I fail

Over the course of my whole life, there have been areas where I have failed and I took it as a loss. I never went back and learned from my mistakes and tried again. The reason why? It’s because I was scared to fail again. I thought to myself, why try again if I’m going to fail at it again? Now as I am getting older, I see the benefits of the things I actually stick to. What I’m getting to is… that it’s okay to fall and get up again. It’s easier said than done, I know.

Blogging is one of those things I have failed at. There have been numerous times where I created a blog, got stuck, and just quit. I would make a couple of posts just introducing myself and post about an outfit or two and then abandon everything because I didn’t think I’d be successful at it. It’s scary how fear can stop you from doing what you really want to do.

It’s a daily battle accepting and welcoming fear to make me a better person. I learned that being scared is okay. What matters is what you’re going to make out of that fear.


With all that being said…


Hi I’m Melissa. Welcome to my blog. It’s here to stay!